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Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Weekend: 9AM - 5PM

About Me!

My name is Johnathan Claasen founder of SedohrEntertainment.
I am very passionate about game development. I started out at 'ROC Amstelland' where I studied application development, here I learned web-development.
I always wanted to learn about computer programs and how to make them myself which is why i headed down this path.
However only making websites was not for me therefore I decided to expand my horizons and move on to games. In the past I learned how to make websites using HTML, Javascript, CSS, Php and linking it to databases with SQL and mysql. This is where I also learned the basics of c# to make simple applications like calculators and distance converters. During my first study I also taught myself how to create 3D models in blender and started learning how to use Unity. I have been using Unity and C# along with Blender 3D for modeling for around 7 years now in which I have completed multiple projects (both university and personal). I also have a basic knowledge of the Unreal Engine and working with Blueprints as I have used it in the past for around 3 years.
Any documentation needed for a project is not a problem and I am familiar with agile and have worked with the scrum method on multiple occasions now. I always use Git and version control with all of my projects.