Planetenbaan 6 
3721LA Bilthoven

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Weekend: 9AM - 5PM

Category GameJam

Games made during a game jam

The Dead Dont’s Sleep

The Dead Don’t Sleep This game was created for the Global Game Jam (GGJ-2022) with a group of 3 people over the course of a single weekend. In a dark and dystopic near-future, a group of soldiers is trying to…

Crashed Landing


Crashed Landing This game was created during the Global Game Jam of 2021 in collaboration with the team BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). The player has to escape a maze within a time limit by finding artifacts. These artifacts are…

Baby Brother Battle


Play Previous Next Baby Brother Battle GGJ-2019 Brothers must fight one another, in a house on top of a mountain, while a baby crawls across the floor which makes the house topple. The brother with the most wins, is victorious.…



Elemential This game was made during the Global Game Jam 2022 with the team members of Intergalactic Space Cats. It tells the story of an evil mage that lives in a faraway tower. In his free time, this dark magician…